An NFT collection of 1,222 Alien Cyclopes coming to CARDANO April 29th 6 PM UTC


Hi, we're Alien Cyclops Club. And, if you'll permit us, we'd like to colonize a part of Cardano.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to leave our home planet, so we decided to come to this blockchain everyone is talking about called CARDANO! The first spaceship arrived with only 1,222 Alien Cyclopes, but there's more to come. In the meantime, we'll try to fit in with you humans. Trying on your clothes sounds like a good first step!

You will find that we are not so different from you. We're not looking to cause any problems, just to build a strong community for us to live and prosper in this diverse Cardano ecosystem that is constantly growing. We might look scary but we come in peace!






A collection of 1,222 cyclopes.

32 ADA for the Public mint 26 ADA for the WL pre-sale.

April 29th 6 PM UTC for the Public sale, 3 PM UTC for the Pre-sale

Yes, the project has royalties, specifically 5%. All the ADA from the royalties go straight to our community wallet. We want to be transparent about this, so the address for our community wallet will be available for everyone to see.

The project has a community wallet that is funded through royalties. With this money we will "sweep the floor", meaning we will buy the lowest priced listed NFTs from our project and we will give them back to our community for FREE! With this process, we can keep the floor high and make our community happy by giving away free NFTs.

We want to show the world that good things can come out of this new crazy NFT space and that it's not all about JPEGs of apes. That's why we have decided to donate 5% of our sales to a charity that will be decided by our Discord server.

We have planned a big NFT airdrop for every single holder of our Season 1 collection. Furthermore, we will be giving away free merch and special unique NFTs to lucky members of our Discord.

The CNFT space has a lot of great projects that we would love to collab with, so a collab in the future is very likely to happen.

Holders of Season 1 will get SEASON 2 (3D CYCLOPES) for FREE!

Cyclops for singular and Cyclopes for plural :)